Sandbags have long been used for a variety of stage purposes; most often as a portable and adjustable counterweight method for hemp rigging. Sandbags are also frequently used to weight floor plates for stage bracing and to secure scenery or props. These sandbags, made in the U.S.A., are carefully rated for the weight of sand they will hold. They are made from strong canvas, reinforced with a sling, and equipped with a heavy metal hook and safety catch. Sand is not included.

All sewn seams are stitch type 301 per Federal stitch standard No. 751a, and all seams are constructed using nylon V-T-295 thread, per Mil-T-7807.


Base fabric: #8 natural cotton duck

Retaining web: 2" white #7390 polypro, oe

Load bearing web: 1" Mil-W-4088 type XVII, oe

Snap hooks: Drop forged steel rated 750#


Product Numbers

850 72610 0010

10 pound sandbag

850 72610 0025

25 pound sandbag

850 72610 0050

50 pound sandbag

850 72610 0075

75 pound sandbag

850 72610 0100

100 pound sandbag

850 72610 0150

150 pound sandbag

850 72610 0200

200 pound sandbag