Premiere Clear

Rosco Premiere Clear is an advanced, water-borne urethane coating suitable for sealing and protecting painted finishes, floors and high-traffic surfaces. When cured, this clear finish provides long lasting durability, hardness and abrasion resistance in an environmentally safe, VOC compliant coating. Premiere Clear is virtually odorless and may be thinned with water. In addition to protective top coats, it is excellent for use in faux finish or glazing applications. Premiere Clear is perfect for almost any project in stage, film, decorative and commercial arenas.

Suggested Use: Surface to be coated must be clean and free of dust, dirt, wax, grease or any other contamination that could affect proper adhesion and curing. When applying over glossy surfaces, roughen the undercoat by sanding with fine sandpaper or steel wool. New wood must be sanded to open up the grain. When treating bare wood, excellent results can be achieved by first applying Premiere Clear Gloss finish to seal the grain, followed by 2 coats of Premiere Clear in the desired sheen. Premiere Clear should not be used over other sealers or stains containing stearates, silicone, or wax.

Application: Rosco Premiere Clear may be applied by brush, short nap roller, or spray. Stir product before and occasionally during application. DO NOT SHAKE! Apply in thin coats. When rolling, use a roller cover with 1/4" or thinner nap for best results. For spray applications, thin Premiere Clear up to 20% with clean water. Spray on in thin uniform coats. Avoid excessive film build up in recessed areas or yellowing may occur. If Premiere Clear is applied in excessively thick coats, or under conditions of extremely high humidity the film may remain "milky or clouded" for an extended period of time. To avoid this, apply only in thin coats, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next coat. Woods containing high levels of tannic acid (e.g. redwood, cedar, red oak, etc) may cause a discoloration in the clear film. Test before applying on an entire project. Sand lightly with fine sandpaper between coats of Premiere Clear.

Important Note: Rosco Premiere Clear provides a highly durable urethane finish perfect for sealing floors in entertainment and live event venues as well as withstanding light or moderate commercial traffic. A floor coat is ready for light use after 12 hours, but allow 24 hours to cure. Rosco Premiere Clear is suitable for exterior use in semi-protected environments however long term exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended.

Coverage: One gallon of Rosco Premiere Clear covers approximately 450 square feet depending on the surface coated and the thickness of the application.

Clean-Up: Use warm water and mild soap then rinse with clean water.

Dry Time: Rosco Premiere Clear dries to the touch in one hour, and may be recoated in two to four hours. Full cure is achieved in 24 hours. High humidity or low temperatures will delay drying and complete cure.

CAUTION: Do not apply when material, surface or air temperature is below 55°F (13°C). Protect against freezing. Do not take internally. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Use only with adequate ventilation. Prevent build up of vapors by opening all windows and doors to achieve cross ventilation. Do not breathe dust, vapors, or spray mist. Ensure fresh air entry during application and drying. If you experience eye watering, headache, or dizziness or if air monitoring demonstrates vapor/mist levels are above applicable limits, wear an appropriate, properly fitted respirator (NIOSH approved) during and after application. Follow respirator manufacturer's directions for respirator use. Do not get in eyes, on skin or clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling.

First Aid: In case of eye contact, flush immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention. For skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. If you experience difficulty in breathing, leave the area to obtain fresh air. If continued difficulty is experienced, get medical attention immediately. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Call physician immediately.

If spilled, contain spilled material and remove with inert absorbent material. Dispose of contaminated absorbent, container and unused contents in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Obtain and read the Material Safety Data Sheet prior to using this product.

Contains: Diethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether and n-Methyl Pyrrolidone. Vapors may be harmful. May affect the brain or nervous system causing dizziness, headache or nausea. May cause nose and throat or eye irritation. Can be absorbed through the skin. May cause reproductive damage. Harmful if swallowed.

Notice: Reports have associated repeated and prolonged occupational overexposure to solvents with permanent brain and nervous system damage. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents may be harmful or fatal.

Rosco Offers this product in good faith, but without guarantee of any type, since materials treated and methods of application are beyond our control. Rosco Laboratories will not assume any liability for improper use or misapplication of this product.

All technical data, recommendations and service are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Rosco assumes no responsibility for the results obtained or damage incurred from use by the buyer in whole or in part since method of application and its use is beyond our control.

Product Numbers

150 06810 0032

Premiere Clear Gloss - Quart

150 06810 0128

Premiere Clear Gloss - Gallon

150 06820 0032

Premiere Clear Satin - Quart

150 06820 0128

Premiere Clear Satin - Gallon

150 06830 0032

Premiere Clear Flat - Quart

150 06830 0128

Premiere Clear Flat - Gallon

Premiere Clear Data Sheet

Premiere Clear Flat - GHS SDS

Premiere Clear Flat - SDS

Premiere Clear Gloss - GHS SDS

Premiere Clear Gloss - SDS

Premiere Clear Satin - GHS SDS

Premiere Clear Satin - SDS

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