Custom Plastic Gobos

Customized plastic patterns for projecting temporary logos, monograms and décor

Rosco Custom Plastic Gobos are an excellent short-term projection solution. Plastic gobo technology has been evolving since Rosco introduced its innovative iPro Slides in 2000. We continue to offer these award-winning plastic gobos for use with our iPro Image Projector inside a traditional ellipsoidal.

Cool-running LED ellipsoidals, however, are increasingly used as image projectors in stage and event lighting designs. Because many of these fixtures generate significantly less heat, we also offer our Cool Ink and Cool Ink HD Plastic Gobos that use the same proprietary, user-tested slide film and printing techniques as an iPro Slide.

Rosco Cool Ink Plastic Gobos

Cool Ink Plastic Gobos

Developed specifically for use in cool-running LED projectors, these plastic gobos provide an affordable alternative for customers that desire full-color gobo projection. Cool Ink Gobos feature excellent ink absorption that results in superior image resolution over DIY transparency “gobos.” Cool Ink Gobos have a lightweight, rigid plastic bezel that secures the plastic image in place – which not only protects the gobo, but also helps keep the plastic from warping and your image from distorting.

Rosco Cool Ink HD Gobos

Cool Ink HD Gobos

Cool Ink HD Gobos offer a true black background and the same style metal bezels we use for our glass gobos. The black background punches through color and grayscale images while the bezels allow for seamless integration with glass gobo holders for leko units. Additionally, the bezels used are fixture specific and are suitable for moving light LED units that accept plastic gobos for easy install. 

Cool Ink HD Gobos feature two layers of easy-to-clean, heat-deflecting glass. Sandwiching the printed image between glass improves the plastic gobo's ability to resist heat and helps further prevent image distortion/warping. In addition, the glass allows users to clean fingerprints and other smudges off their projection. 

These gobos offer excellent image resolution at an affordable price - particularly for full-color or grayscale images, and for artwork requiring a true black background.

Rosco Gobo Feat iPro Slides

iPro Slides

The original plastic gobos, these innovative slides are designed for use with our award-winning iPro Image Projector inside traditional ellipsoidals like the ETC Source 4, Altman Shakespeare and the Strand SL and Selecon Pacific fixtures by Philips.

Utilizing a proprietary transparency film and a time-tested ink jet printing process (both of which are incorporated into our Cool Ink & Cool Ink HD Gobos), iPro Slides offer superior ink absorption and image quality for an affordable full-color projection solution.

Cool Ink Plastic Gobos

Gobo Thickness: Bezel = 1.4mm

Size Range: 19mm – 100mm 


Cool Ink HD Plastic Gobos

Gobo Thickness: Bezel = 1.1mm

Printed via inkjet printers

Size Range: 19mm – 100mm 


iPro Slides

Slide Dimensions: 89mm x 114mm x 4.5mm                

Printed via inkjet printers


Guidelines For Your Custom Plastic Gobo Order

  1. Artwork Requirements

Minimum Image Resolution


233 dpi, 3" x 3"; or 642 pixels by 642 pixels

Please submit camera-ready art and know that whatever artwork we receive will be reflected in the final image. Artwork manipulation is available at an additional charge.

  1. Gobo Size and/or Fixture Type
    Rosco iPro Slides are manufactured for use with its iPro Image Project to works with most modern ellipsoidals, including the ETC Source 4, Altman Shakespeare and the Strand SL & Selecon Pacific fixtures by Philips.

Cool Ink and Cool Ink HD custom gobos can be manufactured to fit virtually any cool-running LED light fixture available. Please check with the fixture manufacturer, or with Rosco, to ensure that your LED fixture will accept plastic gobos. The fixture you use will determine the size of the gobo you need. If you know the gobo size (B-size, M-size, etc.) your fixture requires – then that’s all we need. If you don’t know the actual gobo size, many times the fixture manufacturer will provide its gobo requirements, including the gobo’s outer diameter (O.D.) and image area (I.A.). To be sure you get a gobo that fits your fixture, it's always best to provide the make and model of the lighting instrument you are using when ordering.

  1. Logistics
    How many gobos do you need? When it comes to plastic gobos, we strongly advise making sure you have an extra copy of the gobo on-hand as a backup. When do you need the gobos? What is the Ship-To address and what shipping method should we use to get your gobo to you on-time? Remember that iPro Slides and Cool Ink Gobos ship the next day after we receive the order, while Cool Ink HD Gobos ship two days after receiving the order.
  2. Pick A Dealer
    Rosco sells through its distribution network of global dealers. We are happy to work with you directly concerning artwork and technical matters for your custom gobo order. When it comes time to place the actual order, however, you will need to contact an authorized Rosco dealer. If you do not have a Rosco dealer that you’re used to working with, we can provide you with a list of dealers that are experts in providing world-class custom gobo service.
  3. Turnaround Times
    Rosco strives to meet whatever deadline the customer requires. We routinely ship gobos more quickly than the chart below indicates:
    Type Details
    Cool Ink Gobos  ships next day (custom or standard)
    Cool Ink HD Gobos  ships in 2 business days (custom or standard)


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