Custom LitePad® HO 95

Rosco Custom LitePad HO 95 (95+ CRI) is a flat panel, edge-lit, LED light source providing even, indirect lighting and is available in six color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 5300K, 6500K. At only 8 mm thick, Custom LitePad HO 95 is perfectly suited for virtually any backlighting installation or projects where only a cool, low profile light source can be used.

Comprised of indirect LED sources machined into a cast acrylic panel (a patented system), Custom LitePad HO 95 is both durable and reliable, and can be fabricated in virtually any size or shape. Custom LitePad HO 95 includes all the same features of Rosco's standard LitePad product but offers a superior color rendering for projects where color fidelity is critical. Rosco project consultants are available to assist in specifying the optimal configuration of panels and accessories for your project.

LED Type: .25 Watt Surface Mounted Diode 90+ CRI

Construction: Optical Grade Clear Acrylic

Panel Thickness: 0.3 in (8 mm)

Weight: 2 lbs (900g)/ft2

Operational Temp.: -22˚F min to 104˚F max

(-30˚C min to 40˚C max)

Estimated Lifespan: 50,000+ hours

Operating Voltage: 12 Volt DC or 24 Volt DC

CRI: 95+

UL Listed: File E350056

Warranty: 5 Years

Electrical Properties

Power Consumption: 4.4W per ft.

Coordination: Panels may be wired together in parallel, not series. Each panel must have direct connection to a power supply.

Power Supply: Rosco has a complete range of approved power supplies to meet your project requirements.

Dimming/Control: Rosco can provide a full suite of dimming and control accessories to complement your Custom LitePad.

Wire Placement: The point of wire entry is customizable to accommodate your

project’s tiling requirements. Please consult with your project specialist.

Cord Length: Custom LitePad comes with a 4 ft (1.2 m) two core cable. Cord length and termination is customizable based on the requirements of your project.

Physical Properties

Single Panel Size: Max: 59” W x 118” L (1.5 m x 3 m)

Min: 2” W x 2” L (50 mm x 50 mm)

Shaping: Custom LitePads can be factory cut into just about any shape imaginable. Also, they can be drilled or tooled anywhere across the interior surface within 1 inch of its edge.

Heat Control: An integral aluminum heat sink is mounted on the rear of the panel to disperse heat build-up, reducing the need for external cooling and prolonging service life.

Thin Film Reflector: Custom LitePads include a reflective, opaque white backing to maximize optical brightness and distribution of light.

IP Rating: IP61

IP65 available on request

Acrylic Properties

Flammability Classification: 94HB

Smoke Density: (D2843) 4-10%

Deflection: Custom LitePad may bow if the panel area is too large. Broad sheets should be supported every 18 inches in any direction.

Optical Properties

LED Positioning Options: LEDs can be positioned around any number of sides or the entire circumference.

Color Temperature Options: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 5300K, 6500K

Custom LitePad HO 95 Datasheet

LitePad HO 95 Specification Language

Custom LitePad Handling & Mounting Instructions

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Custom LitePad Warranty

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Rosco Custom LitePad HO 95 IES File - 4100K 12x12 IES File

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Rosco Custom LitePad HO 95 IES File - 4100K 36x36 IES File

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