Rosco’s Academy Award® winning range of color, correction and diffusion filters

The Rosco Cinegel range includes over 200 tools for controlling light, including color corrections, diffusions, our patented CalColor System, The Storaro Selection and Cinelux. Since it's introduction in 1970, Cinegel has continually developed and grown to meet the working needs of professionals working behind the camera. In 1974, Rosco was honored with an Academy Award® for developing the Cinegel range and again in 1998 for the development of the CalColor range of calibrated colors for camera.

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Wide Range of Diffusion Filters

Cinegel offers over 30 different materials that alter the size, shape and intensity of the beam – allowing filmmakers and photographers to change the contrast ratio and the highlights & shadows created when lighting their set or subject. The range includes:

Tough Filters: Feature a higher melting point and are suitable for use directly in front of most light fixtures.

Soft Filters: Designed for use on low-heat light sources or on frames positioned several feet in front of hot light fixtures. Several of these soft filters can be sewn or welded into large butterflies and overheads, and are available in extra-wide rolls for fewer seams.

Reflection & Bounce Materials

Bounced and reflected light is a useful tool for filmmakers and photographers when time, budget or space is limited. The Cinegel reflection and bounce materials offer a variety of choices that are lightweight, durable and convenient, and all of them are designed for permanent mounting to reflector boards or other rigid surfaces such as foamcore or showcard. The metallized reflector materials are constructed with a reflecting surface that is laminated to a durable white backing, which is also useful as a bounce material. Many of these reflectors have been softened by an embossing process to create a more diffused, indirect quality of illumination.


Rosco’s patented system of lighting filters that is calibrated to produce pure primary (Red, Green, Blue), secondary (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) and two tertiary (Pink and Lavender) colors for camera. Comprised of at least four densities of each color - 15, 30, 60 and 90 - CalColor™ filters can be used to predictably add or subtract color from your shot. These precisely-tuned color filters are excellent for a number of image-capture lighting scenarios, including vibrant colored backgrounds via white-balance techniques and enhancing green and blue screen photography.

Storaro Selection

Three-time Academy Award® winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro is universally acknowledged for his masterful use of color in film lighting. Storaro chose Rosco to produce his personal palette of 10 richly saturated colors, representing key chromatic elements of the visible spectrum in a lighting filter range. The Storaro Selection was created to produce dramatic lighting effects that elicit a strong emotional response when viewed on screen.


Cinelux is a selection of color effects filters from the Roscolux range that are produced in 48" x 25’ (122cm x 7.62m) rolls. These “party color” filters are ideally suited for use in film and television productions where larger lighting fixtures are used and where color is often mounted onto 4’x4’ gel-frames. Like the rest of the Cinegel range, Cinelux features plastic filters that provide superior color-consistency, heat-resistance and durability when installed in front of hot film/TV light fixtures.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the filters in the Cinegel range are available in 20"x24" sheets and 48"x25' rolls. Some filters and materials, including the Neutral Density filters and Silent Grid Cloth diffusion materials, are available in wide-width, 60” x 20’ rolls.


Base: Polyester (PET)

Gauge: 1.4-2.5 mil (35-64 um) nominal

Max Width: 48 in (1.2m) for most, 60 in (1.52m) for wide-width

Flame Retardant Rating: BS3944 PART 1 1992

Compliance: RoHS, REACH, Proposition 65

Temp: Softening: 260°F (126° C)

Melting:  290°F (143° C)

The Cinegel range contains several other materials manufactured using additional substrates. Contact Rosco for specifications on any other non-polyester Cinegel material.

Product Numbers

101 0XXXX 2024

Cinegel 20"x24" Sheets (50cm x 60cm)

101 0XXXX 4825

Cinegel 48" x 25' Rolls (1.2m x 7.62m)

101 0XXXX 6020

Cinegel 60" x 20' Rolls (1.5m x 6.1m)

101 03014 5522

Cinegel Hilite 55" x 22' Rolls (1.4m x 6.71m)

103 0XXXX 2024

CalColor 20"x24" Sheets (50cm x 60cm)

103 0XXXX 4825

CalColor 48" x 25' Rolls (1.2m x 7.62m)

100 0XXXX 2024

Cinelux/Roscolux 20"x24" Sheets (50cm x 60cm)

100 0XXXX 4825

Cinelux 48" x 25' Rolls (1.2m x 7.62m)

XXXX = Color Number

Cinegel is divided into numbered sections as follows:

2000 – Storaro Selection

3000 – Diffusion Filters

3100 – Filters for balancing to arc and discharge lamps

3200 – CTBs

3300 – Plus and Minus Greens

3400 – CTOs, CTS Straws, and Neutral Densities

3800 – Bounce and Reflection Materials

4000 – CalColor


Storaro Selection

#2001 Storaro Red

#2002 Storaro Orange

#2003 Storaro Yellow

#2004 Storaro Green

#2005 Storaro Cyan

#2006 Storaro Azure

#2007 Storaro Blue

#2008 Storaro Indigo

#2009 Storaro Violet

#2010 Storaro Magenta


Cal Color Filter Range

#4215 Calcolor 15 Blue

#4230 Calcolor 30 Blue

#4260 Calcolor 60 Blue

#4290 Calcolor 90 Blue

#4307 Calcolor 7.5 Cyan

#4315 Calcolor 15 Cyan

#4330 Calcolor 30 Cyan

#4360 Calcolor 60 Cyan

#4390 Calcolor 90 Cyan

#4415 Calcolor 15 Green

#4430 Calcolor 30 Green

#4460 Calcolor 60 Green

#4490 Calcolor 90 Green

#4515 Calcolor 15 Yellow

#4530 Calcolor 30 Yellow

#4560 Calcolor 60 Yellow

#4590 Calcolor 90 Yellow

#4615 Calcolor 15 Red

#4630 Calcolor 30 Red

#4660 Calcolor 60 Red

#4690 Calcolor 90 Red

#4715 Calcolor 15 Magenta

#4730 Calcolor 30 Magenta

#4760 Calcolor 60 Magenta

#4790 Calcolor 90 Magenta

#4815 Calcolor 15 Pink

#4830 Calcolor 30 Pink

#4860 Calcolor 60 Pink

#4890 Calcolor 90 Pink

#4915 Calcolor 15 Lavender

#4930 Calcolor 30 Lavender

#4960 Calcolor 60 Lavender

#4990 Calcolor 90 Lavender


Cinelux Filter Range

#02 Bastard Amber

#302 Pale Bastard Amber

#06 No Color Straw

#08 Pale Gold

#310 Daffodil

#12 Straw

#16 Light Amber

#316 Gallo Gold

#17 Light Flame

#18 Flame

#318 Mayan Sun

#21 Golden Amber

#321 Soft Golden Amber

#23 Orange

#325 Henna Sky

#26 Light Red

#33 No Color Pink

#333 Soft Blush Pink

#34 Flesh Pink

#37 Pale Rose Pink

#39 Skelton Exotic Sangria

#41 Salmon

#42 Deep Salmon

#44 Middle Rose

#47 Light Rose Purple

#51 Surprise Pink

#59 Indigo

#60 No Color Blue

#360 Clearwater

#62 Booster Blue

#362 Tipton Blue

#364 Blue Bell

#365 Tharon Delft Blue

#65 Daylight Blue

#375 Cerulean Blue

#376 Bermuda Blue

#77 Green Blue

#378 Alice Blue

#80 Primary Blue

#83 Medium Blue

#87 Pale Yellow Green

#88 Light Green

#89 Moss Green

#91 Primary Green

#92 Turquoise

#93 Blue Green

#97 Light Grey

#397 Pale Grey

#98 Medium Grey

#99 Chocolate

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