FlexCoat® FAQ's

Why should I use FlexCoat?

FlexCoat is ideal when a flexible, flame retardant coating is needed on a wide variety of foams (and other substrates). It provides neccessary protection for touring scenic elements, especially on extended tours. FlexCoat does not add significant weight to scenic units and yet is extremely durable.

Over what substrates can I use FlexCoat?

You may use FlexCoat over all types of foam like; EPS, EXS, A/B, polyethalene, and on many other substrates that may need a flame retardant coating.

How do I use FlexCoat?

FlexCoat may be applied by brush, roller, pressure pot sprayer, hopper gun sprayer or putty knife type tools. May need to slightly thin depending on the sprayer. Test before thinning all of the material.

What color and finish is FlexCoat?

FlexCoat is off-white with a slight eggshell sheen.

What is the coverage?

Coverage depends on your project. Theoretical coverage is @300 square feet at a film thickness of 2 mils.

How do I clean my brushes and sprayer?

Mild soap and water.

Can I tint FlexCoat?

Yes. FlexCoat may be tinted with Supersaturated, Off Broadway or colorants. Too much paint or colorant may compromise binder properties. Always test the mixture.

Can I paint over FlexCoat?

Yes. FlexCoat's surface will accept many types of water-based paints.

Is FlexCoat flammable when dry like some other foam coatings?

No. FlexCoat is a flexible, flame retardant coating that forms an effective barrier against fire spread.