ColorCoat FAQ's

Why do I need ColorCoat?

ColorCoat is an excellent choice when painting surfaces that need to stand up to heavy traffic or endure long tours.

From what is ColorCoat formulated?

ColorCoat is formulated of a water borne modified acrylic enamel resin.

Can I use ColorCoat outside?

Yes. ColorCoat is formulated for interior/exterior applications.

Can I paint a floor or a stage deck with ColorCoat?

Yes. Floors and decks are especially well suited for ColorCoat use. Because of Its excellent abrasion resistance ColorCoat stands up very well to heavy traffic without impacting the gloss, satin or flat finish.

What is the coverage per gallon of ColorCoat?

Theoretical coverage is 300-350 square feet per gallon. Coverage will depend on absorption of the substrate, tool used and film thickness.

Can I use clear ColorCoat over Rosco Scenic Paints?

Yes. Clear Gloss and Clear Stain ColorCoat are excellent sealers over Rosco Scenic Paint, especially if protection of your finish is important.

Can I intermix ColorCoat with other Rosco paint lines?

No. ColorCoat and Rosco Scenic Paints are very different chemically and so cannot be intermixed in wet form. ColorCoat may used over Rosco Scenic Paints, however.

On what substrates can I use ColorCoat?

ColorCoat can be used on primed fiberglass, steel, wood, aluminum, masonite, primed or previously painted wood and concrete. Please allow 24 hours for maximum set up. Best practice is to test whatever product chosen on the substrate desired to determine performance expectations.

What is the most effective use of ColorCoat?

ColorCoat is most effective in situations where a water-based product is desired and a durable finish is required. These situations might occur in museum exhibits, themed environments (restaurants and retail venues), themed entertainment (amusement parks) and touring theatrical applications.

What sheen is ColorCoat?

ColorCoat comes in a Clear Gloss, Clear Satin, Gloss Black, Flat Black and Aluminum.